Sentinel’s Bridge for Education

Sentinel Andrew Miller

Many veterans experience difficulties when transitioning back into civilian life. Our Sentinels have the additional burden of being severely wounded, which often prevents them from doing what they did in the military or other physically demanding jobs. As they struggle to overcome their injuries it can be difficult for them to envision a rich fulfilling life.

Sentinel’s Bridge for Education assists wounded veterans in finding their unique path to a fulfilling post military life. Sentinel’s Bridge for Education helps fill the gaps GI Bill payments do not cover. This allows Sentinels to focus their attention on their studies, career and family.

Each Sentinel must have a VA disability rating of 50% or higher and have been wounded or injured in a combat or training related event post 9/11 and be committed to pursuing their higher education.

The Sentinel’s Bridge for Education program is comprehensive, multifaceted, and based upon each individual’s needs. As our veterans move through school, ongoing assistance is provided in the way of mentoring, life skills coaching, career development and networking, budgeting, financial planning, and more.

Throughout the multi-year program each Sentinel receives a case manager who helps guide them throughout their entire journey. With check-ins during the year, they address any potential roadblocks and ensure a continued road to success.

Thanks to your generosity, the personal sacrifices made by these heroic men and women were not in vain. Their dreams of meaningful employment and self-sufficiency will be met.

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“SOF helped me get a job, education, housing, support, and direction. It was the best jump-start to my new life I could have asked for.”

— Joseph Bozik
Sgt US Army, MA Psychology