Fundraising Tips

Sentinel Brian Vargas

Thank you for your generous support of the veterans who’ve given so much of themselves for all of us. Your efforts directly benefit our programs for these courageous wounded veterans.

The Sentinels of Freedom Development Team can be a partner in your fundraiser. We can provide templates for materials, sample words and phrases for messaging, logos, and other artwork. We can also answer questions or pass along additional tips for successful fundraising provided by other supporters like you.

One request: Please connect with us before publishing if you use any Sentinels of Freedom logos, photography, or artwork.

Click one of the links below for materials you can download directly from us.


Fundraising Tip #1


The #1 key to a successful event? Great planning. Lock in the essentials early on. Your financial goal, date, and venue? Who will you invite? How? When? Let us in on your plan right away. We can help in all planning phases.

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Fundraising Tip #2


Reach out early to sponsors and other volunteers. Determine how you'll accept donations -- credit cards, checks, cash? Will you serve food and beverages? Will you need tables, chairs, and a stage? How will you set them up? Don't worry: We've got a checklist to help make preparation easier.

Fundraising Checklist

Fundraising Tip #3


Get the word for your fundraiser out early and often. Ask sponsors to publicize the event on their websites and their social media. Take advantage of our photos, logos, and other materials to deliver your messages. Don’t forget "old school" standbys: on-site banners or posters, local newspaper ads, community boards. We've got what you need make your fundraiser a success.

Fundraising Tip #4


First, take the time to celebrate the outstanding event you and your team made happen. Remind your supporters exactly where their funds will go. Determine the net revenue and send it to Sentinels of Freedom. We'll give you everything you need to get things done -- always beginning with our deepest gratitude for changing the lives of the brave Sentinels who are making the journey back to a self-supporting civilian life.

“I'm attending a university full time pursuing my bachelor's degree in emergency services administration. Thanks to SOF, my family is able to have financial security and peace of mind while I do it.”

— Joshua David Smith
Tech Sergeant US Air Force, Emergency Services Administration