Our Board

“In SOF's mission, we are meeting our national responsibility as citizens to support those severely wounded veterans who have served and sacrificed to defend our freedom.”

Mike Conklin
Chairman and CEO
Sentinels of Freedom

“It is our responsibility as Americans to support those who serve and protect our freedoms. The Sentinels program is about hands-on support for severely injured vets. It prepares them for the future.”

Kent Strazza
Board Treasurer
Managing Director, Alternatives Group
Franklin Templeton Investments

“I may have lost my legs, but the Sentinels program has given me a big step forward into a new life. And importantly, the help we Sentinels get is not temporary, not just a one-time gift ... Its benefits are there for the rest of our lives.”

Jason Church
Graduated Sentinel
State Counsel
Office of US Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin

“Each Sentinel leaves the program with a new mission, a new purpose, and the support he or she needs to build a great future.”

Stacy Hadeka
Senior Associate in Government Contracts
Hogan Lovells US LLP

“I can tell you from personal experience that transitioning from military to civilian life is not easy. The rules are different. The pace is different. Especially if there’s a significant injury.”

Mary King
Vice President, Human Resources
Pacific Gas & Electric

“These men and women stepped up to defend America, and they’ve been injured in the line of duty. It’s our obligation to look out for them.”

Ron Lowe
Major General Ronald Lowe, US Army (retired)
Executive Director of General Contracting (retired)

“I see Sentinels not as a charity but as an investment vehicle. The upside created by unlocking the potential of these veterans is truly ‘off the charts.’”

Chris Marzilli
General Dynamics Mission Systems

“What makes the SOF programs different from other similar programs? SOF has higher expectations — it’s about ‘earning rather than giving.’ That’s why I see our Sentinels as ‘thrivers’ not just ‘survivors.’”

HT Tran
Graduated Sentinel
Founder, CEO, and President
Anvil Builders

“I like that Sentinels requires its candidates to be accountable — to go back to school or work as soon as their injuries allow. I also like the requirement to meet with a financial planner to get their financial lives in order.”

Pete Walsh
Founder, President, and CEO
Owards LLC

“Sentinels of Freedom empowers me to achieve the many goals I set for myself. Your mission inspires me to continue to serve in any way I can.”

— Venol Raymond
Staff Sergeant US Army, BA International Studies